AU PAIR – day in the life

Hello and welcome! Take a seat – enjoy.

Side note: I wrote this about about a year ago but never shared it. Please bare with my writing I was just getting back into it. Although, I no longer work as an Au Pair here is a little glimpse of my life back then. A trip down memory lane when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing yet.

Thankfully, my day doesn’t start (like most Au Pairs) at 7 am with getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off. My “workday” starts around 3 pm when I have to pick E. (9 year old girl) and D. (7 year old boy) up from school. My bag is always filled with snacks simply because D. can eat as much as an elephant and is therefore growing an inch everyday (at least it feels like it). After school we either go to the park where E. is most of the time just reading while D. is racing around on his bike or running around like a mad man. On rainy days we go straight home where we most of the time play whatever they want. Lately, they’ve been really obsessed with table football. Furthermore, board games like Disaster and Monopoly are always a hit. Once a week they should read to me so we’re probably squeezing that in between all the running around and playing the fifth round of Labyrinth. Then from 5.30 pm on they’re allowed to watch TV for an hour. While they’re watching shows like “The next Step” I’m cooking dinner for the whole family (Monday – Thursday). The recipes are quite simple and easy to follow (one of the things I was nervous about before coming here). After serving dinner and cleaning up my workday is already over at 7 pm.

My host parents are very flexible when it comes to babysitting so some weeks I don’t babysit at all while others I do it up to twice per week. Apart from that my only other duty is the kids laundry.

My life as an Au Pair is most of the time very relaxed until the kids decide to scream till the walls are shaking but that thankfully only happens once every blue moon. So I would definitely recommend being an Au Pair to everyone, who would like to experience living abroad with nearly no expenses.

see you next time



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