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Hello and welcome! Take a seat – enjoy.

Lockdown – oh how much I hate you. It’s been two months since I last saw someone my age, which is slowly but surely driving me insane. But to be honest, the last two months haven’t been a complete nightmare. Although I’ve been stuck at home like nearly everyone else on this planet, I did find some ways to entertain or keep myself busy. 

  1. Mandalas

Most of you probably already know that I tend to draw Mandals on everything I can get my hands on. My “tiny” obsession actually started about five or six years ago (so yes it’s been quite a while). What the public doesn’t know is that I use Mandalas to slow down my sometimes never-ending racing mind. For me, this kind of drawing is an outlet for relaxation and meditation. So whenever I feel anxious or uncertain about this situation, I grab a pen and some paper and let it all go. 

  1. Clothes

The other day I went through my entire wardrobe trying to figure out what I want to keep and what I want to give away or sell. (it’s a great way to kill a day or two) If you’ve known me for a while, you’d say “her wardrobe is 95% black”. Well, the tables have turned (slightly). As you might have seen on my Instagram, I’m just obsessed with orange lately. From orange jackets, tops, jumpers, shoes and pants I’ve got it all. At the end of the day, all I’m trying to say is that my wardrobe consists of 50% black and 50% colour now. A round of applause for me. 

  1. Youtube

Obviously, we’re all trying to keep ourselves occupied, entertained and educated. So right after Netflix, my first choice is YouTube. There are two channels I can only recommend.

“Soft white underbelly” is an American Interview Channel. ( Laita is questioning people about their lives in Los Angels. Instead of chatting about the glamorous Hollywood life, he interviews Gang members, Prostitutes, Pimps and Drug addicts. You’ll definitely get goosebumps listening to some of these stories. 

The other channel is for my German-speaking readers – “Leeroy wills wissen” ( It’s also an interview channel but this time about all sorts of people. For instance a girl with four parents, another girl who can taste colours and people who lived through traumatic experiences. By the way this one is also available on Spotify as a Podcast. (

10/10 would recommend.

  1. Walks

Since I moved here, I barely explored the area I live in; I was too busy exploring the more popular areas of London. So over the last eight weeks, I tried to discover some hidden gems around Lewisham. I did find some pretty cool graffitis and some great spots to admire the beautiful skyline of London.

  1. Life after au pairing

Over the last several weeks, I was hunting for a room in London as I’m going to move out of my host family’s house pretty soon. Yes, my Au Pair experience is coming to an end, and it feels exactly how people say. A side of me is crying and heartbroken while the other one couldn’t be more excited. Also looking for a new job during this pandemic is no fun. Nevertheless, I did find a great room on “SpareRoom” (, and I’m really looking forward to moving in in a few weeks. 

Okay to be honest this post was just me rambling about random stuff I did over the last two months I hope you still enjoyed it at least a little bit (LOL).

see you next time


One thought on “covid entertainment

  1. The admirer 25th Oct 2020 / 9:29 am

    I loved reading this and Im not one to usually read blogs


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