Get to know me.

Welcome – my name is Anita, very obvious as it is the websites name too, Before we deep dive into my thoughts let me introduce myself to you.

I’m a 21-year-old creative and enthusiastic woman from Austria living in London who loves to share her sometimes very random thoughts. Although, I’m strongly opinionated I care deeply about other people’s thoughts and believes and am very open-minded. Through my experience of moving abroad and getting thrown into unknown situations I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my values and life in general. One of my biggest lessons so far has been “nothing ever stays the same” – whether that is your body, your personality or your surroundings. Therefore, please do not expect a red line through this blog that you can follow along. Life is a roller coaster and so is this blog. Enjoy the ride and see life through my eyes and discover new perspectives of life and how it is so ever-changing with me.