welcome – willkommen

Hey everybody! My name is Anita I’m 19 years old (or young however you’d like to see it) and originally from Austria. I’ve been living in London since March 2019 as an Au Pair with my wonderful host family.

This blog will be dedicated to my life – meaning I will share with you pretty much everything interesting that life throws at me. For instance, my crazy love for London and my life as an Au Pair (maybe some tips & tricks).

I’ve always been a “very creative” human being – from coming up with plays, singing and dancing all the time to writing and drawing as well as trying to imagine the Big Bang and the development of our universe. Therefore, people also describe me as (relatively) divers, meaning don’t be surprised if I all of a sudden write about an unexpected topic (just a little warning on the sidelines). If I’m already being honest, my posts might be quite jumpy as I’m not going to plan them instead I’m just going to type type type and type some more.

To be up to date with my life (sounds more interesting than it is) follow me on Instagram @anitaklos_ as I post stories on a somewhat regular basis.

see you next time



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